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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  August 25, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonight, an apartment community reeling after a suitcase is discovered in the communal dumpster, opened to reveal a female body. identity goes unsolved for days, as well as how she came to be murdered, then thrown away like trash. the body folded inside that suitcase, 28-year-old swimsuit model jasmine fiore, brutally beaten, her teeth pulled out of her head. her fingers removed to conceal identity. how do id the body serial
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numbers off niore's breast implants, her body that traumatized. bombshell tonight. a reality tv star wanted for the murder, found dead in a british columbia hotel room. ryan jenkins luxury bmw and empty boat trailer abandoned on the u.s. border. jenkins dead, hanging by a belt from this coat rack inside this hotel room. jenkins traveling with a mystery blond, driving a silver pt cruiser. she checked him into the hotel while he stays hidden. tonight, the mystery blond, formally named a person of interest by police. was she with jenkins in the u.s.? did she help dispose of fiore's body or worse? and where is fiore's missing mercedes? is it a key to the murder scene? jenkins' family, adamantly
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swearing their son didn't do it. well, then who did? and tonight, another bombshell. did secret text messages reveal motive for murder? video emerges of fiore and jenkins at a luxury vegas hotel seemingly in love just before fiore's brutal murder. tonight, we have the video. >> there are new questions tonight, questions about whether jenkins had help in getting rid of the body. >> we don't want to close this case and let anybody who helped him get away with assisting in this brutal crime. >> police want to talk to the woman who checked into the hotel a short time before jenkins killed himself. >> she was driving a silver pt cruiser with alberta plates. after she went to the room, she just left and we never seen her again. >> she may have been the last person to see this guy alive and she may have some information
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about jenkins and his activities and so forth. she's extremely important. i hope they do find her real quickly so they can start to talk to her. >> always a possibility he might have had help somewhere along the road. >> the victim's mercedes is still missing. >> we don't have any idea where that car is just yet. he had a couple of days of traveling. that vehicle could be anywhere. anyone who saw the vehicle in a suspicious manner, we just have no idea. once we find that vehicle, i think that will be one of the last things that will help us out. >> when they find this crime scene, they know it's going to be an ugly one. >> and tonight, music superstar rihanna attacked just before taking the stage at the grammys. stunning photos go public. the attacker -- chris brown.
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star treatment taking on a whole new meaning. after punching, choking, biting, threatening to kill rihanna, then posting an apology on the internet to win back his fans, brown sentenced to straight probation. no jail time. hey, judge, thanks. >> mr. brown's sentence is suspended. you are going to be placed on formal felony probation for a period of 60 months. >> i have tried to live my life in a way that will make those around me proud of me and until recently, i think i was doing a pretty good job. >> you are to abide by all the orders of the court and the rules of probation. >> i wish i have a chance to live those few moments again, but unfortunately i can't. >> and was must not come within 100 yards of the protected
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person, except both parties -- except if both parties are at entertainment industry event in which case the distance is ten yards. >> i told rihanna countless times and i'm telling you today i'm truly, truly sorry that i wasn't able to handle the situation both differently and better. >> do you understand? >> i hope others learn from my mistake. i intend to live my life so i'm truly worthy of the term role model. >> if you should violate in any way the terms and conditions of this probation -- do you understand that, i want to make it perfectly clear. >> yes. >> oh, yeah, judge. you really told him. good evening. i'm nancy grace. thank you for being with us. a reality tv star wanted for the murder of swimsuit model jasmine fiore found dead in a hotel room.
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at this hour, police name a mystery blond traveling with jenkins as a formal person of interest. was she with him in the u.s.? did she help dispose of fiore's body or worse? . >> reporter: authorities in canada have identified and are investigating a woman who may have helped jenkins evade authorities. apparently she and jenkins have some kind of history together. >> we do believe they knew each other. there's a past history. >> we have investigators currently in canada working with mownties to find out if a, he had any assistance in his escape and whether or not there's a possibility that anyone helped in the crime itself. >> the mystery woman, whoever she is, did pay in cash at the hotel and she checked in thursday, stayed friday night, saturday night and the manager and nephew came check on the room sometime saturday afternoon and they opened the door and had the grisly discovery of jenkins
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hung by a belt in the hotel, his fists clenched. >> they know who she is. they should be charged with accessory to murder after the fact. >> did she know he was running from the law and did she knowingly help him or not knowingly help him? >> they want to find jasmine fiore's missing mercedes. >> that's an important piece of the puzzle still missing. that could give us a lot of answers we're still looking for in the crime scene area. >> what's the latest, john? >> they want to get the bank records and cell phone records from ryan and jasmine's cell phones. they want to know what messages were going out just before they disappeared. they also ant the videotape. and oefk, the investigators want
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to find jasmine's white mercedes. they say they used it in san diego. both of them were in it and they have it on videotape. so again, that's -- >> hol on, jon. jon baird is joining us from kx 1070 in l.a. let's talk about the white mercedes for a moment. think about it, jon baird, the level of dismemberment she suffered. every single tooth was pulled out of her head. her fingers, they say, removed. that's euphemistic for cutting off her fingers. that didn't happen in a car. how could that happen in a car? are they looking for him carrying her body in a trunk? how is the mercedes a key to the crime scene? and also it's a very distinctive mercedes. why? what does it leak like? >> it's white. it has tinted windows and special black wheels. >> and it's black on top. white on the bottom, black on -- i have never seen one like that. go ahead. >> i haven't either.
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basically they're wondering what evidence could be in the the b. there could be evidence in there. one thing occurred to me having worked in san diego, it would be easy to get rid of the car over the border into mexico. even the da's office told me today they really want that car. they think it will provide a lot of information. >> well, here's the thing. i would interested to find out what other fingerprints were in, on and around that car. i'm thinking about this mystery blond that, even knowing he was wanted with murder chose to travel with him and check him into a hotel while he hid in the car. was she with him back in the u.s.? did she help dispose of the body or even worse? what more can you tell us, dan? >> at the moment, nancy, the
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investigation is around this mystery blond that police have identified, but they're not t l telling us who they are. we've had various reports of them saying this woman was a former fiance. however, the manager said she wasn't driving this car. she was working in calgary, in alberta here in canada. and at the moment she apparently has gone underground, not talking to anybody. but her manager forcefully saying it was not her driving that car. at the moment, the frustrating thing is police aren't telling us who this person is, even if she's in custody. only that she's not a danger and that they know who she is. >> out to royal massey with the canadian royal mounted police. thank for joining us. did the thunderbird hotel have video? how do police know who this
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woman is, ? if sh she's a person of interest, why haven't they bring her into custody? >> i can't discuss the circumstances surrounding the case, such as the video you mentioned. what i will tell you, as we have identified that individual, and we identified other people that are of interest to us to further the investigation, and find out what, in fact, did happen from the time ryan entered canada. we're getting the cooperation from everyone, and we hope by the end of the week we'll know more. i'm not suggesting the investigation will be concluded at that point, but we hope to have more information surrounding the circumstances of how ryan entered the country here in canada from the u.s., and if anyone, in fact, helped him. >> corporal massey, can you tell me did jenkins' mother get his speedboat to him? did his family aid and abet him, corporal? >> these are all questions that are integral to the investigation and i have to -- i can't compromise the
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investigation at this point, so i can't answer those questions. i'm sorry. >> i understand, corporal. >> we went to open up the door. he was hanging by a belt by his neck. his legs were laying on the ground. and we phoned the authorities and let them know.
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how did this real estate developer with a history of assault end up on a match making show. >> he was charged with domestic violence for allegedly hitting fiore in the arm. >> jenkins pleaded guilty to assault in kaupd in 2007 where he received 15 months probation and was ordered into counseling for dmomestic violence and sex addiction. >> he was on a reality show on vh1 where 17 men were vying far woman's love. >> the show says the vetting process involved a background check by a background company. clearly, they said, the process did not work properly in this case. it's now investigating. sometime after wrapping the reality show, jenkins met jasmine fiore in las vegas, the woman he would marry, and later,
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say police, murder and brutally mutilate before hill kilning himself. >> my friend is innocent and i think he panicked. and i'm just -- i'm dead inside. i'm devastated. what can i tell you? i love him. he's my only child. >> what jenkins has put his family through is unbelievable. did you hear the heart break in his mother's voice? not to mention the pain that is being suffered by fiore's family. over what? i want you to just take one look at jenkins in action. here he is on a reality dating show. take a listen and buckle up. >> being with megan alone was enough to let her get in touch with my deeper side and redeem
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myself for, you know, some of the silly things i said at dinner. >> i'm waiting on my card. >> oh, i hope it's not declined. that would suck for you. >> we'll have to do dish. >> we? i'll meet you at home. i'm kidding. >> you're cute. >> you're cute. >> is this the best day better? >> maybe. isle tell you at the end. >> i don't know if megan and i had enough time together for her to open up and get to know me. >> i feel like you're manipulating me. >> i wanted to show her some vulnerability to maybe make her feel a little more comfortable with me. this is going to be the best night of your life. out of all these guys i'm definitely the most james bond out of anyone here. >> ryan, save the day.
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>> i decided to appeal to all your senses. and first, i would like to start with your mouth. my mouth isn't a scent. >> then your mind. >> my mind isn't a scent either but we'll go with it. . >> this is the going to be the best night in your life. >> i can't stop think about it. seeing jenkins in action, then knowing police think he murdered his new wife and then murdered her. out to our chief editorial producer, ellie, what can you tell me about motive? >> the last night she's seen alive, she and ryan jenkins are seen together at a poker game in jag.
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she was texting somebody. her ex-fiance said it was him. he said he got the last message from her at 1:40 that morning. she said she was going to las vegas and going to come see him. so that apparently may be motive. ryan jenkins found out about these texts. >> what can you tell me about her telling other people the marriage was a mistake and she was in over her head. >> right. another ex-fiance of hers, a guy named travis said he had spoken to her recently. and she told him she thought she was over her head but didn't know how to get out of this relationship with jenkins. >> ryan jenkins is an animal. what he has done to jasmine is unspeakable.
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it's just not right.
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jack min fi's goid was so mutilated when found in a trash bin outside of l.a. say police that it had to be identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants. >> in many of these domestic violence cases, the writing was probably on the wall a long time ago. when you're dealing with volatile relationships, there's the highs and low lowes and it's too extreme where the writing is on the wall that something is going to happen. >> well, something did happen. a murder and an parent suicide. and now a mystery blond on the run. who is she? how long was she with jenkins? was she with him in the u.s.? did she help him dispose of fiore's body or worse? we're taking your calls live out to tammy in kentucky. hi, tammy. >> hi, nancy. i can not believe that i finally got through to you. >> thank you for calling in. what's your question, dear? >> caller: first of all,
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congratulations on your book. i can't wait to get a copy and your twins are beautiful. my question is this -- if they -- you have said -- some people have said on your show they do know who this is in canada -- >> hold on, tammy, hold on, stop. norm, my line producer, can you please stop showing jenkins without his shirt on. i've seen that just about enough. okay, back to you, tammy. >> caller: if they know who this lady of interest is in canada, why are they not giving us information on who she is? and have they found anything in the dumpster there where they supposedly were cleaning the car out? >> excellent question. out to the former police commander, woodrow tripp. about it? if they're convinced they know so much about her, why hasn't she been taken into custody? >> it tells me she's either
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cooperating with them or they're trying to create a stronger case against her. but it sounds like she's cooperating. >> apparently they were spotted at a dumpster cleaning out -- what, a vehicle? >> right. a new detail from the manager of the hotel in hope, british columbia, where jenkins was later found dead. he said they initially pulled up next to a dumpster. he thought they were maybe just tidying up their car. >> a mother figure to jasmine fiore, knew her since childhood, gwendolyn beauregard is joining us. i don't want jasmine to be just another statistic of domestic violence. what was she like? what did she think of her new husband? >> well, i didn't know that she married ryan jenkins. >> she kept it a secret? >> she kept it a secret. my feeling is she knew she made
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a mistake and she felt shame. >> do you believe she may have married him to get -- >> that's what i heard from three other people.
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we're now along the u.s.-canada border in blain, washington. this is where jenkins came when he had a problem. how do you cross the border when you're wanted for murder? behind me is canada but that peninsula is u.s. territory. it's a perfect place if you want to leave the united states undetected. by boat it's about 45 minutes across boundary bay. jenkins was in his boat alone, police say, and behind me, point roberts. that's where he was letting. he docked in this marina on u.s. soil. he would have walked into point roberts. >> it's surrounded on three
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sides by water. the only road in or out, you have to go through two border checkpoints. >> but residents say if you don't want to wait in line, there are other ways to leave point roberts. >> we're in the united states for about 20 feet. and here i've got one foot in canada and one foot in the united states. >> i'm on the u.s. side of the border right now, but if i were to cross this foot bridge i would be in canada. ryan jenkins stopped running here. he was found with his belt around his neck at a $60 a night motel room. he hanged himself on the coat rack. >> my son is innocent. and i think he panicked and i'm just -- i'm dead, i'm dead inside. i'm devastated. what can i tell you? i love him. he's my only child. . >> his family adamantly denying any involvement on his part of
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the murder of his new wife jasmine fiore. >> caller: since he died unattended will they do an autopsy like they do in this country? and will they check him for drugs? >> what about that? >> yes, they are doing an autopsy on ryan jenkins to determine cause of death and i assume they'll also do toxicology. >> doctor arnall, it's great to see you. how could he hang himself with his feet on the ground. how can you fight the will toe live? >> he may only have 10 or 20 seconds of consciousness. >> so you believe it's possible, you don't think anyone helped him? >> well, i cannot exclude that
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possibility, but it would not be uncommon for an individual to hang themselves with their belt around some type of device. it's not unusual that the legs are bent when a person who commits suicide is found at the scene. >> i didn't know that, thank you. let's unleash the lawyers. victims right advocate family rights attorney, susan moss. out of the atlanta, veteran defense attorney raymond judichae. out of new york, try yal lawyer, former fed, now defense attorney, doug byrd. >> if you're helping ryan, you're guilty of aiding and abetting and maybe worse. you might even be an accessory after the fact. the reality is if you've offered my help to this guy you've got tot come forward. not only the canadian police but the american police are all going after you and you will be caught and you will be pros prosecuted. >> raymond, what are we looking at? we're talking about the mystery
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blond that clearly helped him dhek czech into the hotel but how long was she with him? >> let's work backwards. if she helped him get to the motel knowing he was a fugitive, that's obstruction and maybe an aiding and abetting charge. if she helped him dismember or dispose the body, that's a felony. you used the words or worse. or worse. she could be looking at a homicide charge. >> got it. i'm a little surprised u.s. authorities aren't going after her. for that reason, raymond. what about it, doug burns. >> the key point you raised, was she with him in california? because if that was the case, then the situation is way more serious. other wise it's still real serious, harboring a fugitive, accessory after the fact. but if she was in california, that's why they're so anxious, nancy, as you pointed out to get that white mercedes and other forensic stuff from california. >> and it's a very, very distinctive mercedes, woody, wouldn't you say? i mean, we tried a lot of cases
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way together way back when, woodrow tripp. and this mercedes is not the kind you just see every day. >> no, it absolutely isn't. most of these high-end autos, though they may not have low jack and on star, bmw and mercedes actually has tracking devices within them. it's going to be very interesting in how that plays out and where this car ultimately winds up. >> back to gwendolyn beauregard has long been a mother figure to jasmine fiore. you know, many people have brought up the possibility that she married him in such a hurry because he needed, wanted a green card. but we see him on that vh1 reality show, he's very charming. he knows just what to say to make certain women just melt. >> yes, i agree with that. he did have a charming personality. for me, that would be a red flag. and i hope that young women will
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think about that. >> well, ms. beauregard -- please put her back on the screen. his advances on that video to me were hokey. almost laughable. but apparently the flashy lifestyle, the fancy cars, the boat, the bmw, the luxury condo really impresses a lot of women. but what do you make of her falling for him and then marrying him and keeping it a secret from you? you were one of her closest confidants. >> that's right. i was one of jasmine's closest confidants. so when i heard the stories from three of her friends, two of them are extended family, that she married him for the green card and there was -- there was an arrangement, a financial arrangement, then it seemed to make a little sense to me. but since i didn't hear it firsthand from jasmine --
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>> i wonder if she didn't tell you because she thought you would disapprove because you were very much a mother figure to her. with me, everyone, gwendolyn beauregard. patricia saund ir, you's the clinical psychologist, what do you make of the evening just before she went missing where she was rush into a restroom. they were out at a fancy hotel at a poker game, texting constantly, planning to meet up with an old flame, with other people. apparently the marriage in trouble, telling other people she was in over her head but couldn't get out. >> well, she was in over her head. i think this is probably a pretty smart young lady who realized that she was married to someone who would potentially be very dangerous. but she was drawn to him. >> i found very little exciting. actually nothing about this clip of jenkins in action. take a look.
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>> i'm with megan to let her get in touch with my deeper side and redeem myself for, you know, some of the silly things i said at dinner. >> i'm waiting on my card. >> oh, i hope it's not declined. >> that would suck. >> for you. >> we might have to do some dishes. >> we? >> i'm kidding. >> i'll meet you at home. just joking. >> that's "megan wants a millionaire" from 51 minds entertainment. >> you're cute. >> you're cute. >> so is this the best date ever? >> maybe. >> maybe? >> i'll tell you at the end. >> i'm definitely the most james bond out of anyone here. >> ryan, save the day. >> i decided to appeal to all your senses. and first, i would like to start with your mouth. >> my mouth is not a sense,
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breaking news out of california, pop singer chris brown getting sentenced for, he admitted to beating up his then-girlfriend rihanna back in february. he gets felony probation. he has to complete a violence counseling program. he has to serve six months community service/labor. we're talking about he's going to pick up trash, wash cars, things like that. he was fined $2,500 and also there's a protective order. he cannot contact rihanna for five years. cannot come within 100 yards of her. and at the same event it's ten yards. >> the affidavit said brown took his right head and pushed her into the window, punched her in the left eye and continued to punch her in the face, causing her mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing. >> for the way rihanna was just beaten up, no jail type of sen ten is troubling and probably troubling for a lot of victims
8:43 pm
and probably for a lot of defendants bhov had a lot worse out there. >> i let a lot of people down i realize that. and no one is more disappointing in me than i am. what i did is unacceptable, 100%. i can only ask and pray that you forgive me. >> straight out to allen duke, what was the sentence? >> the sentence is 60 months probation. and along with that, 180 days of manual labor. that's picking up trash, washing cars. what's interesting to me, though richmond police chief sent a letter to the judge saying he would supervise brown. kind of sounds like vip treatment a little bit. i don't know how many people can get the chief of police to personally supervise them like that. >> what does he mean like that? >> i don't know. it was a little bit odd and i don't think i've ever seen that before where a police chief in
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another state would send a letter to a judge saying hey, i'll report back to you. i'll make sure he's doing his community service, i'm vouch for him. >> so bottom line, he beats -- there's no other way to put it -- the hell out of rihanna. i've got the report right now. she's got multiple bruises to arms, fanhands, face, neck. her legs were even beaten. numerous abrasions to all of the same, arms, hands, face, head, neck, lip, legs. so she was beaten and bloody. and he gets straight probation and community service. he's got to pick up trash. boy, judge, you really showed him. out to tom o'neill with "in touch weekly" what about it? >> well, the reason this hearing was delayed from earlier in august was that the judge was trying to make a distinction between community service and community labor.
8:45 pm
she doesn't want chris brown working in a library. that's what community service could be. she wants him out humiliated, cleaning graffiti off of buildings and washing cop cars. >> you know what, tom, put o'neill up. i know you don't usually come in contact with this there at your fancy offices. probably on fifth avenue at "in touch weekly" but have you ever been inside a jail cell? did that thought ever cross the judge's mind? that a little time behind bars like other men when they beat a woman this badly, they get at least a couple of nights behind bars. and what does he do? whines? what was it on? youtube or facebook, to his fans so they will buy his next cd. that's what that was all about. you know, hey, hold on, o'neill. if she w if he was so sorry, what do you make of his two previous attacks
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orneriry that went unreported? what about that, o'neill? >> those were bombshells in court today, nancy, because we found about an episode that took place three months ago in europe where they had a fight and she slapped him and he shoved her into a wall and an incident that took place about three weeks before the big smackdown they had in the car where they were in barbados, her home country, and he was driving a range rover. he pulled over to the side of the road and whatever they were fighting about caused him to jump out and bash in the windows on both sides. >> the president of the national network to end domestic violence, you know what that was. there they are in barbados, out on some country road. he's in a range rover. she's in the passenger seat. he gets mad and slams in his window, the driver window. then in a show of force to scare her, he goes around to the passenger side and punches in
8:47 pm
the passenger side window with her sitting in the car. what about it? >> well, that's absolutely typical of what we know about domestic violence. so often it's about power and control. he's showing exactly who the person was in control of that relationship. joining me now, a guest whose husband actually set her on fire. when you hear this is the third incident of violence orneriry by chris brown, he gets straight probation. what message does that send? >> i was not surprised to hear that this was the third incident, because he had threatened to show, and he already showed intent to cause bodily harm. and what i'm most disturbed about is the fact that he said i
8:48 pm
will kill you. >> he did. you're right about thatt yvette. and in your case, your husband tried to do it. ray, two priors, two priors and the judge knew ability today and yet she went with straight probation. come on, your job and doug burns job is to get people straight probation. but just for a moment, you have a blended family now, ray, and you have two beautiful little girls that you love that have come into your life. now think about it, ray, straight probation on the third incident? >> nan circumstance he got a great deal. no if, ands or buts.
8:49 pm
>> it sends a message that you're free to punch out a woman and not do any jail time. >> as the stepfather of two beautiful little girls, where i grew up in new york, we would have taken care of this ourselves. i'll be honest with you about that and i think doug could agree with me. >> i would just ask the judge to give a decent sentence. >> i don't disagree with you, nancy, but i note a lot of times when a celebrity gets hammered, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and say they only singled the person out -- >> i appreciate that, but that's not what happened here. we'll be right back with you when we get back. but i want to report a verdict. tonight's i report winner of our number one fan contest is brenda. she says it gives her the courage to stand up for her beliefs. she designed this portrait. i think's maybe me. it's nine pounds of jelly beans
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and glue. congratulations, brenda. i want to eat your work of art. you've got the copy of the new members industry "the 11th victim." thank you, friend. and tonight, out to kathy. she is courageously battling a rare eye disease and slowly lose herg sight. she wanted to read my new book, but she cannot. we are sending this you the audio version of "the 11th victim" to our california friend, kathy. kathy, stay strong.
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as long as he conforms to all of the terms of his probation, then he's going to be fine. but it's in his hands, and he's the one who controls his own fate. >> out to the line to west virginia. hi, dear. >> caller: nancy, oh, my god, i can't believe i'm finally talking to you. >> what's your question? >> caller: real quick, i wanted to say i saw you and the kids on larry king and you you are so lucky. i cannot believe they are almost 2 years old. >> i am blessed. it's not luck. yes, they're almost 2. >> caller: my question is,
8:55 pm
concerning chris brown being a crime victim myself, i'd like to know how he got off with such a light sentence. his video seems very fake to me. and was -- >> okay. out to tom o'neal. i know rihanna was not in the courtroom. what about the other questions? >> yeah, the video looks very fake. he's obviously reading off a teleprompter. and what was the other question? >> the other question was, how did he get such a light sentence. you were there. how did he get such a light sentence? >> well, the probation report that i received this afternoon clearly shows that the probation investigator recommended it, five-year probation sentence with community labor. and the police officer investigating it for the lapd agreed. rihanna agreed to the agreement. . so he had had no prior criminal record. he says he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink, doesn't use
8:56 pm
drugs. >> whoa, whoa, doesn't smoke, okay. allan duke, thanks for letting me that that matters when you beat the hell out of somebody that if you don't smoke, you can get probation. okay. let's stop and remember army corporal tony t.j. gonzales, age 20, california, killed in iraq. his three sisters remember him as a perfect gentleman, opening doors for every lady, loved making people laugh, dallas cowboys, playing music, playing the drums and watching "the three stooges." tony gonzales, american hero. thanks to our guest, especially to you. and good night, zana, courtney, alfredo, debbie and mike, aren't they handsome and beautiful? i'll see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend.
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coming up next on "issues" i'm jim moray. we'll have the latest on the michael jackson death investigation being ruled a homicide. what does that mean for dr. conrad murray? should he expect to be arrested any time soon? and what about that time line? many questions still not many answers. and, chris brown, finally sentenced. what does it mean about his relationship with rihanna? will he serve hard time? how will it affect his career? all that and much more. stay right here, coming up next on "issues."
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